Les Filles

Amélie la Flamant was raised on the beach in Miami by wild flamingos, who brought her up to be long-legged and to ruffle her tail feathers whenever latin music played.  She eventually migrated to Northern California to attend Humboldt State University, where she earned degrees in Marine Biology and Studio Art, thus ideally preparing her for a life lounging naked on a white sand beach, sketching a squid.  When Amélie isn’t prancing and dancing in ruffles and ribbons she can be found with her two bodyguards (who happen to be burly burlesque-aficionado chihuahuas), birdwatching or beach walking.  Mademoiselle la Flamant also teaches yoga, which is excellent practice for contorting in corsets onstage, and in her spare time she is trying to assemble a marine invertebrate ‘flea circus’ with a burlesque twist, entitled ‘Nude Nudibranchs.’







Babette LePurrr has been known to be scantily clad and shaking her booty her whole life. As a young adult she fell madly in love with the sensual and spiritual arts of belly dance and fire dance. That’s when she really started to blossom; performing often and really finding herself through that means of expression. Then one day, she was approached by a majestic woman with a titilating offer…Miss Simone de Boudoir asked her to join in on the escapades of Les Filles Rouges, an exquisite new burlesque show! Obviously, she could not turn this down, and ever since then it has been nothing but tassels, high heels, bubbles, lollipops, leather and lace, and of course, very pretty ladies! Now she is truly following her bliss combining this new found love with her other dance passions. When she is not gracing the stage you can find her fire spinning topless in the desert, sunning on a river bed in the redwoods, trekking around India or some other magical place studying in temples, reading in a bubble bath, or simply just lounging on silk pillows while sipping a Grey Goose dirty martini and purring.







Cherie la Tigresse












Chloe l’Eclair












Dr. Véronique von Spánque PhD, Quantum Physics, Université de Sottise Débridée, Paris, France.

While tightening a wing-nut on the Large Hadron Collider, Dr. Von Spánque suffered a severe case of Schrodinger’s Elbow, causing everything she attempted to do to be both done and not done. This career-ending injury prompted Dr. Von Spánque to pursue a new life as a fabulist / burlesque dancer on California’s Lost Coast. In addition to dancing with Les Filles Rouges, Dr. Von Spánque also writes love poems to nature, finger paints, reads naked, dances in the moonlight, and hugs redwoods.












Fifi Ennui
























Jean-Paul Satire de Sade 












Lulu LeNipSlip‘s first word as a wee babe was ‘brassiere,’ and it was clearly a sign from the Great Tasseled One that her life would be filled with sequins and sexiness.  When not wowing crowds with Les Filles Rouges, Lulu can most likely be found dancing with Toniq Vivant, her tribal-bellydance-burlesque-fusion Troupe of Amazingness, except on Tuesdays, which she holds sacred for responding to fan mail she receives from such myriad (and fervent) admirers as Beyoncé, the late Betty Page, and Queen Elizabeth.  A native of Northern California, Mademoiselle LeNipSlip is part mermaid, and spends much of the year underwater frollicking with fishes and making pasties out of sea stars, with tassels of kelp.









Simone de Boudoir has been taking her clothes off since before she could walk, and reportedly shimmied her way out of the womb.  After studying philosophy at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and running away to Paris in search of herself and Sartre, she turned to a life of educated debauchery, vowing never to live without being surrounded by beautiful women and bottles of wine.  The logical step was to form a burlesque troupe, and Les Filles Rouges is her naughty child, whom she adores nonetheless.  When simone isn’t twirling tassels and coming up with new ways to flaunt her friends in front of adoring audiences, she can be found watering her garden naked, drinking tea whilst reading Russian literature, writing books about quiet women, or teaching her pink rabbit to dance.  And if she is none of these, she’s probably in Montmartre, halfway through a pack of Gauloises and a cafe au lait, gathering inspiration for Les Filles Rouges’ next spectacle…







Solange de la Corset was born and raised in Northern California, and didn’t know what clothing was until she was forced to wear it in graduate school at UCSF.  Her upbringing has influenced her throughout her life, and as a women’s health practitioner she is often surrounded by naked ladies.  Her transition into burlesque was a natural one, borne over a very large glass of wine with Mlle. de Boudoir, who, depending on who you ask, either invited or blackmailed her into taking it all off onstage.  When not twirling tassels and breaking hearts, Solange can be found growing her own organic food and galavanting around the world in various stages of undress.  She is also an avid skiier, which prepared her perfectly for the slippery slope of removing one’s clothes professionally… once you’ve begun, it’s hard to stop!








Sophie de Cul Coeur is an exhibitionist extraordinaire! Her early escapades included, but were not limited to, flashing her heart-shaped bottom to classmates in elementary school, streaking across the football field at pep rallies, and securing the title of strip poker queen amongst her sorority sisters. Always cheeky, fiercely daring and forever playful, Sophie found her niche in burlesque and has been an exuberant member of Les Filles Rouges since its inception. When she isn’t sassily disrobing one may find Sophie modeling in local fashion shows, reading any book she can get her greedy hands on, writing deliciously erotic short stories, or playing the role of Molly in Mendocino’s very own web series, ‘Sundays.’  A performer to the last, Sophie wants nothing more (well, maybe other than a nice tussle in the bushes…) than to get your hearts pumping, your hands clapping and your laughter roaring.







Tom Foolery